Raiding in Santa Maria


Daily Management: Shammonk (sham#2569)
Raidleader: Amberh
Raidleader: Monkshady (nightshades#2231)

Please try to contact a member of the Daily Management for any concerns, questions and/or remarks.



The Code of Conduct that Santa Maria expects its active members to follow:

– Respect the Blizzard Code of Conduct at all times. Getting banned with Honorbuddy or for account sharing is a big no no in this guild.

– Have courtesy towards other players. ie. “Don’t be a dick”.  This applies to everything from being helpful and constructive when possible, to passing on loot when appropriate, to being sat on a progress fight, etc.

– Respect people’s limited time:  don’t be late without warning (AFK thread, text a guildie or post on forum from smartphone)

– participate on forum:  All the magic happens here on our forums. We like people that contribute to strats, not people that withhold information.


It’s important to understand that as a 3day/3hour raiding guild preparation is key to success and therefore we expect everyone to meet certain requirements to be part of the raiding team.

Required addons:
Bossmods (Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs):
Weakauras 2:

> Preparation & Raid Night <<

As a trial, raider, whether an officer, a core raider or a back-up, if you have any desire to attend a raid you must come prepared. If you find yourself in a position where you can’t prepare for a certain fight, just ask on the forums or before we pull. We will find out anyway when we start wiping to stupid shit!

BE ON TIME. You must be at the instance by or before the scheduled starting time, ready to go. This will be strictly enforced. This does not mean that you get to the instance, get an invite, then go eat dinner. Ideally, within a minute after invites are completed we should be pulling. It is very important that we make every minute count. You are expected to be available to raid unless you post your reason for AFK in AFK forums before raid.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: We will have a discussion thread on the forum for every boss fight.  Read it and watch any videos posted, read your class forums on class-specific websites or other resources like discord or mmo-champion.  Discuss ideas and improve tactics on forum.  Try to look at a couple of progress/first kill logs from other guilds – see if any talents (or specs) are particularly broken for key abilities or characteristics.   If you need help with looking at logs, ask some of the guild members for help.

COME PREPARED WITH A PROGRESS MENTALITY. Bring enough consumables for the night, don’t be cheap on pot/food usage.  Be in the best spec for progress – first few kills on bosses are not meter whoring fests at the expense of doing your job.  Be ready to do bitch duty from time to time.  DPS the right targets, pool resources when burst is needed, dispel things, don’t stand in fire… it sounds completely obvious but yet meter tunneling is often the biggest source of wiping.

HAVE REQUIRED MODS INSTALLED AND UP TO DATE.  Often strings of weak auras are posted on website or linked in game pre raid.  Use these – they rapidly speed up progress time by avoiding so many silly wipes.  Quit being stubborn and use them.  Seriously, use them. Use. Them.

PAY ATTENTION. For the full duration of our scheduled raid, you are required to pay attention to the raid leaders, your surroundings, and your computer. You should not be missing instructions because you are watching TV. You should not be going AFK. We schedule a 5-10 minute break halfway through the raid for a planned break.  On the rare occasion you may desperately need an urgent AFK, it is your responsibility to tell your role officer.  Try to inform ahead of time when possible.  It is not acceptable to waste 1 other person’s time, let alone 19 other people’s time.

>> Communication <<

Good communication prevents frustration.  Wiping the raid or dying to silly stuff happens to all of us (and sometimes you will become the butt of jokes for the next few weeks because of it). It’s important to communicate to the group when you know you fucked up so we can help fixing it.

– Talk on Discord / in chat / role channels / whisper an officer or other raider when needed
– Keep Discord relatively clear during boss fights to allow proper communication
– Actively browse and contribute to forums, especially before new bosses or after wipe nights to figure out how to improve
– don’t be a dick posting last minute AFK’s and telling us you can’t join the raid. We understand that sometimes last minute stuff can happen, but in our experience 90% of the times you already know your AFK hours before raid. So post them on time, please.

>> Loot <<

Via the RCLootCouncil addon, raiders are invited to select a priority on a piece of loot (BIS > Major Upgrade > Sidegrade > Offspec > Pass).  If multiple raiders choose the same priority, the items is typically handed out based on size of upgrade, previously received loot and sometimes just a /roll.  This is facilitated by the RCLootCouncil looter add-on.

BIS:  Items you have selected as this tier’s best in slot
Major Upgrade:  a base ilvl upgrade (ie heroic to mythic ilvl)
Sidegrade:  Either used for better stats or for warforged/titanforged/socketed items
Offspec & Pass:  Self explanatory

All raiders (including trials) are eligible for normal/heroic loot, however on mythic loot Raiders receive priority over trials.  On some very rare exceptions, normal/HC loot may be attributed directly to a main raider for the sake of progress if this loot happens to break the class (ie. A special trinket or a really strong 4 piece).

Prior to receiving any loot, all raiders must post a BIS list via the ingame addon BestInSlot.  We gear to BIS as a priority and will often check that an item truly is BIS before awarding it.  This will be shared in advance of any raids opening.Daily