Melee recruitment (ToS): Surv. Hunter/Windw. Monk

With the Tomb of Sargeras raid in sight Santa Maria is recruiting one more melee.
As we like diversity in our team (and are happy with our current players), rather than stacking classes we are searching for either a survival hunter or windwalker monk.

Ideally we are looking for strong players who are interested in progression at a more relaxed pace (and attitude) – particularly those who need to step back from more hardcore-raiding owing to life changes. We do not recruit for “the bench”, nor for backup spots.

We HIGHLY prefer players who execute mechanics right and do not mind doing so, rather than “99 percentile players” and whoring meters for personal glory,
that said; we still require decent logs from all new applicants. If your logs do not back up your application you should not bother to apply.

If you are interested in joining our melee team you can create an account on our forum and fill out the application form and/or contact Sovin (sov#2531).

We look forward hearing from you!


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